Disaster strikes and FIRE STATION PRIME springs into action! The RESCUE BOTS roll out ready for any rescue adventure that may come their way. The station’s super-advanced computer allows OPTIMUS PRIME to command the RESCUE BOTS from the farthest reaches of the galaxy!
My son has been into fire trucks, firemen, ambulance or anything related to an emergency and trying to save. Of late he has also been talking a lot of something called "octamus". For long, I thought it was some  imaginary toy that he and his friends from daycare invented for themselves. Seems like mommy needs some lessons on toy characters to keep up with my little man..

When I received this Transformers Rescue Bots PLAYSKOOL Heroes Fire Station Prime, I realized who "octamus" was! It was OPTIMUS..duuh! me! This is such a perfect combination of fun for someone like my little boy who is into fire trucks and also fascinated with robots like Transformers.

I secretly reviewed it (sshhh... it was fun too!) as this one is going under the tree for Christmas morning! I know his eyes are going to be brighter than the lights on the tree when he sees this.

This toy is designed for 3 yrs and up who will love the two-in one feature of fire-station and OPTIMUS Prime, in one toy! The fire engine when viewed at the bottom has a transformers robot figure. CODY BURNS easily slides down to handle an emergency. The lights and sounds are a bonus point - which kid doesn't love this feature?! The play set can easily be closed and stored away. There is also a handle for carrying it.LOVE the colors as it looks like a fire station and also suits the personality of the robots.

It has a storybook too which I know my son is going to love! It comes with batteries for the action to start instantly. Mommy thinks this a dream toy for a 3 yr old! All his wildest dreams in a package :)

It retails for CAD 49.99 at Toys R Us and USD $54.99 at

Disclaimer: I received a sample for review purpose only. No monetary compensation was received. The above post reflects my personal opinion.


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