Christmas Gift Guide: Hasbro's Easy Bake Ultimate Oven

Product Features

  • No more light bulbs needed! Use the included mixes, pans and other goodies to whip up cake and cookie batter.
  • Follow the directions to bake them inside the oven. The included recipe booklet has even more yummy ideas
  • The included recipe booklet has even more yummy ideas and recipes that are just the icing on the cake!
  • The classic oven has been updated to be light bulb-free and comes with yummy mixes and pans for cooking up all kinds of sweet treats!
  • Comes with baking pan, cupcake pan, pan pusher, chocolate chip cookie mix, red velvet cake mix, pink frosting mix, rainbow sugar crystals package, paper cupcake wraps and recipe booklet.
I bake with my son often and he enjoys stirring, decorating and relishes his treats when they are done. So I wanted to try this Easy Bake Ultimate Oven with him as it was kind of cute and looks like a fun oven.
 When it arrived, he saw the pink box and dropped his most favorite phrase - "Oh, this is for girls. See this is pink, boys do not play with pink". Arrgghhhhh. I have heard more than enough of his anti-pink statements that he picked up from daycare from his friends. He picks the pink marshmallows from Lucky Charms cereal and hands them over to me " Mommy, you eat all the pink". Dude, it is OK. Pink or green oven - they bake the same stuff. Nothing would convince him.Hasbro, can you please come up with a different coloured Easy Bake Ultimate oven so that little boys can bake too? And some fun car shaped cookie moulds would be a great addition too.
I told him that I was going to bake some chocolate cupcakes, chocolate cookies and .."WHAT?" he interrupted "What did you say mommy? Chocolate ?" 
"Ahemmm. Chocolate. They are going to look and taste yummy in my tummy.And I am going to eat ALL of them."
By now, he was so tense that he wasn't going to get any of the treats! LOL. "But, it is not good for your health. You have to SHARE with me. Mommies have to share the cookies with children".
Alright."Do you want to help me?" "OK". He sounded convinced. Oh, the magic that chocolate can do.
We baked some treats and it was a fun experience to bake in a little colourful oven.The treats are fairly small sized and not really meant to fill a hungry stomach.It takes a little while to enjoy the baked goodies given the time and what you get at the end of it. The mixes that come with it are tasty but if you can mix a tiny batch of ingredients by yourself, that would work too. This oven doesn't open in the front like a real oven. It is a bit different. You use the opening provided at the sides. The Easy Bake Oven is more of a toy oven and if you want to spend some time with your kids, this will help! 
Online availability seems hard and prices are unreasonable. So check out your local Walmart, Zellers or Toys R Us for the best deal.
Disclaimer: I received a sample for review purpose only. No monetary compensation  
                              was received. The above post reflects my personal opinion.


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I was considering picking one of these up for my 3 year old daughter for Christmas. Great to read a review on the product! :)

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