Christmas Gift Guide: Playskool Alphie - Best Toddler / Preschooler Toy

ALPHIE - The Best Preschooler toy and an awesome Christmas gift! 

Alpha-mazing! That is just a one word description of this intelligent robot. Alphie can be a toddler / preschooler's best friend. Playing and educating your child all the way is what Alphie can do best. 

Here are some things that really left my son fascinated with Alphie:
  • Alphie can encourage him to find right answers by saying positive words like             " Smart, Smart, Smart"
  • Alphie can correct him gently, when he makes a mistake in finding the right answer.

  • When left " switched on" and unattended, you can hear Alphie saying "Is anybody there? I am in the mood for learning!"

Learning with Alphie is by listening to the questions, looking at the options in the card and thinking before pressing the right button. It sounds simple and IS very simple but with loads of knowledge input. I could not find anything wrong with this toy - usually there is at least an inch or so for improvising. This is 100% PERFECT. I can just leave my son with ALPHIE and he needs no help to use it. Alphie is programmed to guide your child to choosing the correct answer.

This robot comes with a pack of 30 cards that has 300+ questions and answers. To me that is awesome! It will be a long learning experience with Alphie and truly it has been a very rewarding experience for my son who has learnt many things.

The hands and legs do not move, so does the handle. It can be easily carried in the car for long trips. Alphie is an excellent learning toy for a toddler / preschooler. There can be no end to learning this way. if you buy Alphie, make sure you keep Alphie from water as you do not want to mess with  his brain! 

 Along with an animated personality that children will adore, this modern ALPHIE friend from PLAYSKOOL features important educational activities that help develop early learning skills in toddlers. With their playful ALPHIE pal leading the way, preschoolers can learn the alphabet, rhyming, counting, colour and shape recognition, matching, animal names, instrument sounds and much more! The new and improved ALPHIE learning companion has a sleek new look and convenient carrying handle and comes with thirty double-sided cards containing over 350 fun questions and challenges. 

ALPHIE Databots Assortment

These little robot figures have all kinds of knowledge to share. MAESTRO-BOT will teach them to play Three Blind Mice, Twinkle, Twinkle and Mary Had a Little Lamb" on his colourful keyboard . Each on-the-go buddy features multiple modes of play for even more ways to learn. Let the fun begin! Figures come with instructions.
This is a slightly smaller robot than the one featured first. More aptly called MAESTRO-BOT is more about music.Children will know different notes and how to play some simple music. Fun toy that is entertaining! My son who is 3 found the Alphie with the Q & A pack more interesting and it keeps him occupied as he goes on from discovering more and more answers.
Buy it:
ALPHIE retails for $34.97 at Toys R Us. Toys R Us has the best price for ALPHIE. has listed it for a ridiculous price of  $79.99.Do not buy ALPHIE from
ALPHIE Databots sells for $17.99
(DisclaimerThanks to Hasbro Canada  for sending me the featured product for review purpose. No monetary compensation was received.  All opinions are only my own.)


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