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Established in 1986, in the suburbs of Toronto, Heys® International Ltd. has since become a global leader in luggage design and is synonymous with luxurious, fashionable lightweight luggage with high standard for excellence in workmanship and quality.

Do you dream of Christmas by the beach? I do! I am not a big fan of winter so I am always looking for ways to get away during the Christmas vacation. I was browsing for good quality luggage and landed on Heys website. Variety is the spice of Heys! I found that I can purchase ALL my luggage needs - big and small, from one place. 

Quality of luggage matters for the user and looks of the luggage are more for onlookers. At Heys you can find luggage that meets both standards. 

If you think this is just an eye-candy, you are mistaken! Quality and style come together and take this beautiful form.

  • The Monarch Spinners are incredibly lightweight, and feel even lighter when you roll them on their ultra-smooth Japanese made spinner wheels. 
  • The case has a zippered opening system, as well as a built-in TSA lock that is fixed to the body of the luggage.
  •  When opened, the Monarch Spinners reveal their inner beauty with a specially lined interior and built-in divider with mesh pocket. 
  • The prints are protected by a matte layer of clear coat which gives it its brilliant shine as well as improved scratch and scuff protection.
  • To provide further protection, a travel bag for EACH piece is included to keep them looking like new for many more travels to com.
  • Made of Polycarbonate composite.
I had the chance to review 2 pieces of luggage from Heys. 

  •  The Eterna® is made from our new GERMAN made PURE PC® Polycarbonate plastic. It is the toughest, most durable plastic we have used to date.
  • The Eterna® was chosen by PORTER Airlines as their Official Crew bag for their Pilots and Flight Attendants as they needed a case that could take the abuse of multiple flights per day for years to come.
  •  The PURE PC® material is made in Germany and has been specially designed for use in luggage so that it is strong enough to withstand severe impacts, but agile enough to 'know' when to bend so as to absorb impacts by 'flexing'. 
  • Pure PC is more rigid then our traditional Polycarbonate composite material that we usually use on most of our luggage, but when under severe pressure it will 'flex' to maintain its structural integrity. 
  • Everything about the Eterna® has been built to last, its tough 5 spoke inline skate wheels, its light but rugged locking internal telescopic handle system, its water-resistant Main and Expansion zippers, its multi-riveted top and side handles all help in creating one of the most durable luggage designs in the world today. 

What do I think about Eterna?

When I first read that the Eterna® is made from GERMAN made PURE PC® Polycarbonate plastic, I knew that this was a durable piece of luggage.

Quality is excellent ! If this is something that an official airlines crew would choose for functionality, I will buy it. The wheels fell very smooth and I find it easy to turn around with it. Handle system is designed very well and it glides smoothly without the slightest indication of difficulty. 

And it is so roomy!

It has water-resistant Main and Expansion zippers. Did I ever think of zippers getting rusted? No. But I do hate to apply oil or wax when they get stuck. I am happy that the luggage makers thought of different weather conditions and created this product with water-resistant zippers. Zippers actually do matter a lot in a luggage!

 It has adjustable straps to keep the items tight and in place. This is just perfect for taking on vacation for one person or just a day trip. 

The option to expand the luggage is very practical. You get some extra packing space. Since the surface of the luggage is tough, there will be no protrusions even when tightly packed. And it comes with a 10 yr warranty! 

I think this an excellent value for money given the materials used to ensure that this piece of luggage will travel many miles with you.

I was also sent the Hannah Montana Luggage -$69.97. I have been thinking of getting a luggage for my son, but I was tired of looking at cheaply made products. Heys has some cute and bright luggage to suit the personality of children while allowing them to pull their own luggage with ease and in style.

  • The Designer Disney Hannah Montana xcase® is the maximum allowable carry-on size for most airlines and has a built-in divider with zippered mesh pocket.
  •  It's curved single tube handle system prevents you from 'back-kicking' the case.

It has lots of space to store everything for a child and very light for little hands to pull along.This is a very well made children's luggage.

If you want to buy some good quality luggage for your child, shop at Heys. You can locate a dealer through their website but you can also get it shipped straight from Heys for a very reasonable shipping price.It comes neatly packed in a cardboard box and there were absolutely no damages to the product because of shipping.

Gift it:

Ever thought of gifting luggage as Christmas Gift? It will be a very practical gift and one of the most useful gifts! I am very sure that it will be much appreciated by the recepient. Heys has a variety of luggage pieces that are of excellent quality and at affordable prices. Here are a few of my favorites:

I hope that you find a luggage that suits your needs at Heys

Disclaimer: Thanks to the sponsor for providing me with the featured product for review. No momentary compensation was provided.Opinions here are my own.


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