Christmas Gift Guide : Heelys Adult Shoes ( R+G) 12/15 ( US / CAN)

Seen kids cruising around in some sort of sneakers with wheels? I always secretly wished I had them. It always felt like it was some pure pleasure to be able to do that. Hubby has his skateboard, son has a scooter thingy and I have nothing to cruise around. Folks, times are changing!

Thanks to Heelys, I am a proud owner of the shoes in which you can walk, run or skate! The last part is what I am excited about the most. I chose to review the Fray.


Heelys are shoes with a single or double wheel in the heel and they allow the wearer to go from walking to rolling simply by shifting their weight to their heels. When the wheels are removed, the shoe performs just like any other shoe. You can remove the wheels faster than you can tie a shoe!
Simply follow the instructions and you are all set up with the wheels. There is a small tool that comes with the shoes to plug and unplug the heel cap. I need more practise to be able to use these for skating as I was tense while skating. Next spring / summer, I will have a reason to get out on weekend afternoons and do some moving! 

It is a great way to show your kids that you are interested in physical activity to motivate them by spending time with them. My son thinks mommy is so cool with Heelys!

Without the skates, Heelys are also great to walk in. The shoes are well cushioned and so comfortable. I hope I  do not end up enjoying them as my everyday shoes. The idea of having the option to convert it into a normal shoe is to get us used to the shoe so that it doesn't feel totally strange and new with the skates. You can carry the wheels in your bag and just plug them in when you have the urge to skate!

Wheel kits are available at an affordable price, just in case you loved your Heelys way too much!

There are some options available when you shop at Heelys:

Hx2 - Now learning to skate with Heelys is easier than ever! The new HX2 comes with two removable wheels in each shoe to get you up and rolling in no time.  Launched in 2010.

Heelys - Heelys is the only shoe with a stealth removable wheel in the heel that lets you walk, run or roll whenever you feel like it.

Nano - Nano is a first-of-its-kind Inline Foot Board that works with Heelys to allow you to skate farther, faster and longer than ever before. Launched in 2010.

Black Friday Deal on Heelys!

The Black Friday Deal has officially started! Buy any pair of Heelys, get a second pair for 
$25. OR, buy a Nano and get any pair for $25. AND free ground shipping on every order!

Gift it:

Heelys will make a great gift for all ages ! Kids are sure to be extremely pleased to unwrap a Heelys box!

Win it:

One lucky reader will have the chance to win a pair of Heelys Fray, right here on my blog!


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