Winners and more giveaways coming up for the Christmas Gift Guide !

Congratulations winners!

Crayola - Karla Sceviour 

Zonderkidz Books -Kristina Ziegler

I will start to post some wonderful giveaways starting Nov 1st. Kicking off the Christmas Cheer - Christmas Gift Guide giveaway with a pretty pair of shoes! I have totally loved wearing them and can't wait to share what I think! I am going to try to keep up by posting 3-4 giveaways per week and keep the weekend strictly away from computer. All Christmas Cheer giveaways will be with rafflecopter and make sure you have the cheer button to gain some extra entries. I did want to put a list of the sponsors, but looks like I will have less time to do that, so I will just post them as I review the products.

 I have also been working on some DIY art and craft projects for our cozy apartment. I always wanted to have a pretty house but as we are still in an apartment, I did not make the time or effort to really decorate our dwelling. But I have these crazy ideas running in my mind and I so badly want to see them come alive on my walls! Lot of colours and vintage ideas and patterns. When I finish a project that I am currently working on, I will share pictures with you all. You can let me know what you think or if I just wasted a lot of time..LOL. I made a trip to buy canvas, paint, brushes and felt like a child excited with a lot of colours and a drawing book. I was very creative and artistic at school. After marriage and having a child, a lot of my interests took a back seat. No regrets about that. Priorities change. I just had to bury a few of my interests and hobbies for a while. Now I know that they did not die inside. They just waited for the right season to germinate into fresh ideas and bloom in all their beauty. 

Now my son, although still is very attached to me, he does many things by himself and so I have a little bit of time and space to catch up on what I left behind. Yes I actually could paint for an hour without having to get up and attend to requests. Feels different. A big sign that my toddler son is getting independent. It does makes me feel sad. But he understands that mommy is playing with colours just like how he plays with cars and play-doh. He doesn't mind sitting beside me in the same room and race with his cars.

I am able to incorporate my interests and balance it without having to cut any time I spend with family. I feel like I am entering a new zone in my life! I just hope that my interest in arts and crafts will save my family a few bucks. I picked up a little white shelf for 50 cents ( yes, 50 cents!) from a thrift shop and working on it with paint to brighten up our bathroom. I need more enlightening in choosing the right paint but I am getting there! 

Do any of you do your own pieces of paintings for the wall? Anyone painted a old piece of furniture and made it look WOW? I would love to hear from you!


ksceviour said...

Thanks! I noticed it says I am a winner of the Crayola giveaway,but I didnt received an email.should I email you somewhere? Thanks! :)

ksceviour said...

I sent you an email back,,I am so confused,dont know if I won or my sister "Kara"

ksceviour said...

Was it "Karla Sceviour" or "Kara Sceviour" that won in the rafflecopter form? lol :)

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