Winners and what's in the giveaway goodie box?!

Firstly, I apologize for posting the winners late. I try my best to post the winners on time but sometimes I have too much on my plate and I get delayed. Then I return to my blog to relax myself and read some the wonderful blogs in blogville. Truly, women around me continue to inspire me and keep me going just when I think it's time to hit the brakes.So I do remember all of you! ( waving!) This is one of the times I wish blogger has emoticons.

Some awesome giveaways have just ended and it's the time to win!

Skechers Shoes - Anonymous said... 57

Fujifilm Digital Camera- Denise G said... 22  

Goodnight Angels Book - bigdisneyfan said... 30  

Tropical Traditions Omega 3 Greens - doreenriopel said... 5  

Dinosaur Train DVD - boyzrule

You can expect an email from me soon .

I will soon be posting giveaways from Seventh Generation ( an awesome brand that cares for the environment and us) , some really cool and fun watches ( yep! you read it right - watch with an "S", 2 watches for a winner!) .

Hoping you are having a great week and taking it easy.Cheers!


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