Book Review: Abe's Lucky Day by Jill Warren

As I awaited the arrival of this book, I was wondering whether this would be a suitable book for my 3 yr old.Will he like it? Would I enjoy reading it with him? Will there be some easy but valuable learning? I had all these thoughts as I judged a book by its cover and not it's content. I didn't have a silly picture or a fire truck or something to attract a little child to pick it up and read it. I was SO wrong!

This is a lovely book and I have had the pleasure of reading it so many times with my son. It is a story about a man named Abe who despite having close to nothing, shares the little he has with people who were suffering. He even gives up his little box that he sleeps in to a little girl shivering in the cold. But all his good deeds were only leading him to a lucky day that changes his life forever.

Every page teaches about sharing with the unfortunate and it is so simple for my 3 yr old to understand.He understands it thoroughly. He loves to read this book and it is one of his favorite book.I would consider this book as a great gift to anyone who purchases it. 

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Online purchase of this book can be made at Barnes and Noble or  Outskirts Press.

 (Disclaimer: Thanks to the author, Jill warren  for sending me the featured book for review purpose. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. All opinions expressed here are only my own.)


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