STRIDER Prebike : Review + Coupon code

I was pretty pleased when I was sent the Strider for review! My little man who was getting bored with his tricycle needed something more challenging. And with the beautiful weather, it is time to get out and move ! Strider arrived and it took a few minutes to assemble it.He felt no hesitation to try something new. He hopped on and till today there is no stopping him. When we bring it in, he goes around on it inside the house too.That's how much he loves it!

How does riding a Strider™ benefit a child?
With the light weight and simplicity of a Strider™, young riders soon feel confident and in control. At this young age, bicycles are simply too tall, too heavy, and too complex for youngsters to feel this sense of control. Advances in coordination and balance follow quickly as do the development of the thought processes necessary for steering, crossing obstacles, backing up, and doing tricks. To watch this development of thought and skill is actually quite amazing.

I chose a bold and vibrant green color for my review and it looks strikingly beautiful and stylish!

  • Light as a Feather! 
Okay, maybe not a feather, but at only 6.9 lbs your toddler will have no problem maneuvering over any obstackes with this bike.

  • How Low Can You Go!
With one of the lowest and most adjustable seat heights the Strider™ PREbike accommodates riders as young as 18 months and up to 5 years of age.
  •    Feet Seat!
The Strider™ PREbike is the only running/balance bike with frame integrated Launch Pad™ foot rests ergonomically located below the saddle. Launch your child's skills to the next level: gliding with feet up, riding while standing up, jumping & bunnyhopping
 It is a fabulous bike, extremely sturdy and well built with excellent designing. After seeing the bike, I truly believe that an 18month old will have no problems riding this bike. I only wish I had this bike for my son earlier! If you have a 18 month old, do not invest in expensive trikes or bicycles.Save yourself some bucks. Go for this and your child can straightaway graduate to a real bike with pedals. Your child would have had enough training in balancing, they will easily ride a pedal bike with very minimal frustration. A little frustration is ok ( smile). My son's favorite thing is to ride it on the grass without shoes and feel the grass.
Glad he likes nature! ( giggle) Shoes are highly recommended for roads though.

 The weight of the bike is very manageable for a 2-3 yr old if they fall with it. They can easily pick it up by themselves. There is no worry of getting hurt by a poking pedal. My son even carried the bike on a 6 flight staircase by himself. He for once felt not needing help with something! Strider is a real "tool" to develop and aim at getting the balance to eventually ride a bike. 

The handle bar is structured for little hands and my son had absolutely no problems with it. He even hung a bag filled with little cars on the handle bar and mentioned that he was going shopping for more!

The seat is adjustable according to the child's height - Adjustable from 11" to 16" (up to 19" with optional 305mm XL Seatpost).

The most important thing in a bike is the tire. And Strider took care of it really well - All terrain, puncture-proof, moulded foam... no flats, ever! You can't complain! 
At $129, you cannot go wrong with the value and quality that comes with it.

It also comes with an integrated footrest which the rider can use while gliding downhill on a slope. This feature is simple but well thought of and integrated in the bike.

In a few weeks, he learned his balance and I clicked a photo while he was doing his balancing act. Strider made it so easy for him to learn, which otherwise is  perceived a hard-to-achieve goal.

You can see how much even I have been enjoying taking pictures of the little rider on Strider. I think Strider is extremely photogenic and looks great in its bright colors.Perfectly matches the personality of my bubbly little toddler! Strider comes in many colors and I love them all.

You can also opt-in to buy various accessories as the rider grows and learns with Strider. For eg. the  brake option is available for an advanced rider.

Does the Strider™ have brakes?
The beginning rider should only use his/her feet against the ground to control speed and to stop. For the advanced rider, the Strider™ is designed to accept an optional foot-operated rear friction brake that not only stops the Strider™ quickly, but also creates a cool skid mark when applied hard!

Have more questions about Strider? Hop over to read the interesting facts about Strider in their F.A.Q section.  Connect with Strider in their Facebook page to learn what others have to say about Strider and also to get the latest buzz from Strider.

Riding a bike should be a fun and simple physical activity for little ones.It should not appear to be rocket science for them to figure out different parts of  a bike in order to ride it. That's what Strider is about- simple, pure fun that encourages and motivates a specific skill in order to achieve a higher skill. Isn't this why they say "learning is fun"?  Absolutely!

Strider is offering a coupon code for my readers to use for free shipping and a free bell when you purchase a Strider PREbike. The coupon code is valid only Canadian residents and is valid until August 31, 2011.

The coupon code is "ToddlerTalesStrider" .

Hope you enjoyed reading this review!

 (Disclaimer: Thanks to the sponsor  for sending me the featured products for review purpose. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. All opinions expressed here are only my own. I reserve the copyright for personal photographs posted on this review.)


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