Winners and Mega Toddler Giveaway !

Congratulations winners!

Libre Tea Glass - Anna-Banana said... 37

Pink Princess $15 GC - Tylerpants said... 13

Hasbro's Candyland - missbobloblaw said... 44

World Floor Puzzle - Pauline Milner said... 57

Zonderkidz Heaven, God's Promise for me - Tara said...

I will be emailing you soon today! 

Also, there is a toddler goodies giveaway coming up. What's a toddler blog without a MEGA Toddler Giveaway?? 

The prize pack has products from excellent brands that we have grown to love - Hasbro, LeapFrog, Crayola, Zonderkidz, NCircle and more. The prize  pack is worth almost $300! It is a quite a loot to be won and you will be the greatest mom / dad to your children if you show them what they will be getting :) Put away every prize as you get and pack everything in a big box with a beautiful ribbon and wait for those little eyes to open wide and jaws drop! Did I send you all away into a dreamland? Well, if you win the pack, it will be a dream come true!

Here's what I have in the prize pack as of today :

Check back on my page : Mega Toddler Giveaway for what is being added newly. Since most of the sponsors are from Canada, I had to keep it open to only Canadians this time. But I am already thinking of another prize pack open to US and Canada..shhh, don't you love surprises?!

So post the button on your blogs, more the merrier and just spread the buzz around! You will get extra entries for posting the button, I promise.


Pauline Milner said...

Hi there,
I won the Wood Floor Puzzle, but I have not yet received an email.

My email address is, though I know I put it in my entries.

Please advise.

Thanks and have a beautiful weekend.


Jill said...

Just returning the favour and following you back. Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you have a lovely week.

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