NCircle Entertainment - Animal ABC's and Animal 123's (R+G)

NCircle Entertainment has some great entertainment for kids. I have reviewed several titles from NCircle and have loved them all. And so did my toddler, without a doubt! He asks to watch them over and over again.

This time what I received for review for something that we ALL at home loved watching and hearing. It is an awesome DVD set from Animal Atlas series.

DVD Release Date:  July 12, 2011
Run Time:  60 minutes
Introduce preschoolers to letters and numbers using the amazing animal kingdom!  Animal ABCs and Animal 123’s strengthens letter, number and animal name recognition by teaching children about animals from around the globe. Sing along as we explore Earth’s animals, from the cute and cuddly to the wild and wonderful.  These DVDs include fun facts, unique songs and a bonus sections with flashcards.  Practicing your ABCs and 123s has never been so fun!

It is a very simple but BEAUTIFUL presentation for children of ages 2-6. It is full of  animals that children ( even a 2 yr old) love to watch and pronounce their names. The videos are of high quality and the clarity is amazing and perfectly natural. It is very soothing to watch animals in their natural surroundings and my son loved to repeat the names and the alphabets. I would love to introduce my son to the other DVDs in this collection.

What makes this product excellent is the way in which it is presented. While the background is full of the animals in their natural estate, alphabets in bright, big and block letters appear in the foreground in sequence with the sound. It makes it perfectly relevant and very visible. It helps in the eye, ear coordination which is very important while watching and listening. 

I give it 5 shining stars and I am sure you will too when you win a copy of the above mentioned DVDs!

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Date: June 27 - July 22, 2011

Open to residents of Canada only.


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