Review: Hallmark's Easter Special!

Hallmark never ceases to surprise their customers with the most beautiful and adorable gifts. With Hallmark, every season or just every day, you will have something to say. How about those "Just wanted to say hi!" cards or "Get well" cards? They are just as special as the Christmas or other cards and gifts. This is the brand that connects people and hearts!

I present to you these adorable products that I received for review!


For this Easter, Hallmark has come out with this cuddly and giggly duck which will every baby and toddler will fall in love with. Our friend's little baby who was the proud recipient of this duck breaks out into peels of laughter when he sees this duck giggling. He will have more of this duck once he learns how to make the duck giggle and sing.

Press this little duck's foot to hear her sing. She won't stop until she's tickled under her wings—then her song changes to giggles.

 You can buy this Totally Ticklish Duck for $29.95 or $14.95 with each purchase of three
Hallmark cards.

Another wonderful product that I received for review was this Interactive Storybook.

We had fallen a little behind in our reading schedule because of sickness and this interactive storybook has ignited the spark to read again.My son loves this raccoon and as we read aloud and he'll chime in with his own responses.These interactive storybooks are a great concept to keep reading fun and a big thanks to Hallmark for such a wonderful product. I love it too! It is a break for me to do something different than "just reading".

 You can buy this Watson Plush Toy for $9.95 and you get the Watson and the Case of the Sneaky Stealer Book free! Great and a very affordable gift that will be appreciated by parents and children.

And no occasion is special without a card! That's why Hallmark made sure that your kids have a special way of celebrating Easter. When I opened the card, I knew right away that my son would keep opening the card over and over again. Why? Firstly, the card has Mickey Mouse and friends and secondly it is a musical card that plays the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song!
Go to and follow instructions to see this cheerful card come to life! It is a great way to talk to a child about the true meaning of Easter while having some fun. I plan to talk to my son in simple words about what makes Easter such a joyous occasion. On the other hand, my card did not come to life when I followed instructions, I am guessing sonny played with it too much and it probably had creases and bends. But even just the music, is fantastic! This card retails for $5.99.

If you plan to give gifts this Easter, be sure to consider these products.

~ Happy Easter everyone! ~

(Disclaimer: Thanks to Hallmark and the PR company for sending me the featured product for review purpose. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way.All opinions expressed here are only my own.)


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