Little Looster - Review + Discount Code

About Little Looster:
Little Looster LLC was initially a Portland, OR based business but is now located in St. Augustine, FL. The Looster Booster itself was conceived and designed by Monica Mylet, mommy of 3.  She came up with the design and need after parenting 3 kiddos through the potty training process.  Almost every aspect of the Looster's life cycle from birth-of-concept to design and manufacturing was completed by Oregon based companies.    

Key Features:
  • Comfort - Provides total comfort & leg support for years of use.

    No more painful pins-n-needles feeling when little legs are not supported.
  • Confidence -Promotes complete certainty.

    No scary feeling of “falling in.” Kids legs do all the work.
  • Cleanliness -Allows children to have their hands free at all times.

    No need to grip the back of the toilet seat or the inner, germ covered rim.

I found it a great way to support potty training phase by providing comfortable seating position for my toddler.It is better than an ordinary stool as it has a U-shape that goes around the seat, making it easier to rest the legs.The only feature that could be improved is the size. If there could be a couple of sizes to choose from in terms of the width of the stool, it would work great for all bathroom sizes. Our bathroom is pretty small and the way the toilet is designed, the Looster had to be kind of squeezed in.If you have a couple of washrooms in your house, this is great as it doesn't have to be moved. I had to move it every time I wanted to use the toilet. It is still an effective tool as my toddler would easily climb every time and go on the potty by himself.

You can buy it from Little Looster for $39.99.

Little Looster is offering a discount code for my readers - CAN88 for $7 off until 2/14/11.

(Disclaimer: Thanks to Little Looster for sending me the featured product for review purpose. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way.All opinions expressed here are only my own.) 


Born 2 Be Mom said...

We reviewed one of these last year - I agree, an awesome tool for potty training! My daughter feels much more comfortable with the little looster beneath her feet. It's a little large in our small bathroom as well, but I keep it downstairs in my daycare bathroom and the kids all use it. It's great :)

Ethan Johnson said...

A great way to keep the kids from falling into the potty. Where was this when I was growing up?

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