Steam those creases away with T-Fal!

Ironing can be a workout at times when you want to wear a perfectly ironed shirt or blouse. Imagine walking into an interview with creases on your clothes, which probably didn't go away when you put in your heart and soul to iron them away. I have some good news for you.."that" chapter of your life is closed ! Voila, I introduce you to T-fal Optisteam Garment Steamer - a combination of professional power and a compact design perfect for home use! 

Here's what T-Fal claims it does:  

"The first garment steamer on the market with all its commands on the handle, the T-FAL OPTISTEAM PROFESSIONAL is 30% faster than ironing and consistently produces professional results. Unlike irons that can burn and damage fibers, steam is totally safe for all types of fabrics and more effective at eliminating creases. Ideal for large families or professionals in a hurry, it turns out wrinkle-free shirts, pants, and even drapes and bedding in record time! "

I absolutely think it will solve many of my ironing problems and make me wear all those clothes that I put behind in the closet. To me ironing is just one step short of  wearing the voila! I am excited to share about T-fal Optisteam Garment Steamer 

This year T-fal launched its first-ever steamer, the Optisteam Garment Steamer.  To celebrate, T-fal wants to give Canadians a chance to win some new clothes and the items essential to keeping them looking good.

Beginning November 1st, T-fal will host four weeks of giveaways:  3 weekly prizes of a $100 gift card from Old Navy and a T-fal garment steamer, and a grand prize of a $500 shopping spree at Old Navy and a T-fal Linen care prize pack.   

Enter here to fill in your details : Contest form

Win some smart and trendy clothes from Old Navy and take good care of them with T-Fal Garment Steamer and T-Fal Linen Care prize pack.

This contest is open to Canada and it is the readers responsibility to read and abide by the rules of the contest. 

Stay tuned for a more comprehensive review of T-Fal Garment Steamer!

(Disclaimer: I was not monetarily compensated for this post. All  opinions are based on the information provided by sponsor)


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