Book Review: Queen Vernita Meets Sir Heathybean the Astronomer

" Welcome to the Oceaners Kingdom !! "

Ages: 9-12

Authors: Dawn Menge and Heath Rhoades.

Discovering about what lies far, far away from the what this wonderful book is all about. Children will learn about the planets of the solar system, months of the year and it is the most fun way to learn!

Veteran author Dawn Menge and astronomer Heath Rhoades in their new juvenile fiction book, Queen Vernita Meets Sir HeathyBean the Astronomer, take children on a learning voyage into the solar system. The third volume in the popular Queen Vernita series, their newest work uses Rhoades’ expertise in astronomy and Menge’s storytelling skills to inspire their young readers to learn more about the nine planets, the sun, the moon, the asteroids and the comets.

What makes this book appealing to young minds ( I'll include myself here as i enjoyed refreshing my astronomy facts!):
  • Vibrant colors of the pages with colorful illustrations.
  • Every left page is picture-filled.
  • Every right page, has details about the planets, sun, moon etc.
  • The text is presented in a good-size and aptly-spaced to make it look clear and comprehensible.
  • The facts are formatted in the text page, giving it the "bullet-ed" look without actually bulleting it. It is easy to grasp factual information when presented like this. So great job!
Queen Vernita invites 12 visitors over a period of 12 months to Oceaners Kingdom. The visitor will be taught by Sir HeathyBean the Atronomer and Cora the Teacher. Sounds like a plan! The visitors have a great time learning about the marvelous celestial objects and space.

This is a great book that you can use for your children over 1 yr to learn about the solar system. Pick one planet a month and read from the book, make planets with a ball or even why not a visit to the planetarium? This book will open up your mind to many ways in which you can familiarize the solar system to your child.

Make sure to add this book (" the Telescope Book" like my 2 yr old calls it) to your library collection for your children!

You can buy Queen Vernita Meets Sir HeathyBean the Astronomer on-line in paperback

Barnes and Noble
Outskirt Press Bookstore

( Disclaimer: I was sent a review copy of this book. I was not compensated monetarily for this review. All opinions expressed here are my own)


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